Hello, I’m Carolina Bureta

Over the last years I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great customers, working side by side to programmers and designed new websites and improve upon existing products.

Before that I made my Bachelor degree in Design at Hochschule München. I participated on some small exhibitions, leaded some art workshops for kids and begun to work more and more on the digital bright side of life 🙂 I’d like the big technical expertise, which stands behind digital products and at the same time it looks damn easy for the user.

Furthermore I’m very interested in new ways of learning and how we as designers can contribute to this fast uprising topic. I dream of a virtual reality game, where you learn a new language, while you are gaming and interacting: a full immersive experience like you would have if you had a language course stay in a foreign land…and much much more 🙂

But let’s stay focused: if you need a designer or you have any questions, just contact me:

Email: info@bureta-design.de